Dungeon of Chained Slaves

Dungeon of Chained Slaves


Language: English

Pages: 72

ISBN: 2:00314935

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Mary Baker looked at the woman who was raising a long black leather whip over her shoulder. Then she felt the thing lash into the tender flesh of her back.

The pain seared through her.

Mary Baker knew the woman only as Number Four.

And she didn't have the vaguest idea where she was or why she was there. All she knew was that there was nothing but pain and humiliation for her here.

There seemed to be no end to it.

Then Mary felt the whip bite into her skin again. She felt a red welt rising on her back, and she wondered how long this agony would continue. But there was nothing she could do about. She was bound securely in place, and she had no choice but to accept whatever this woman wanted to do to her.

There was no limit to the way she could be degraded.

And there didn't seem to be a way out of it. She was trapped. And she was terrified.

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