Erotic Games People Play

Erotic Games People Play

Gene North

Language: English

Pages: 106


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The literature of sex research is rife with case histories and explanations of "psychopathic" sex practices among persons with warped emotions and twisted minds.

Yet today, with the increased permissiveness of our society, more and more people who lead otherwise normal lives are engaging in activities of a type that most people consider "abnormal." Who are these people? What sex roles do they assume when the lights are out and no one is looking? Has the increased permissiveness of our society only now made us aware of this phenomenon--or has it actually caused many individuals to enter a private life style that they would otherwise never have discovered?

Gene North, a well-known California sex researcher, probes these and other questions in this documentary study.

Here are verbatim interviews with outwardly normal people who privately plunge into sadomasochism, homosexuality, Lesbianism, wife-swapping, outright hedonistic orgies--and other deviations that cover the entire range of human sexual behavior. Additional: Dr. Guenther Klow was finally forced to vote against North's Ph.D. thesis when it became clear the candidate had become too personally involved in his research.

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