Flying with Cuckoos

Flying with Cuckoos

Michael Patrick Clark

Language: English

Pages: 278

ISBN: 0957248911

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A heart-warming coming-of-age tale, Flying with Cuckoos is Michael Patrick Clark's hilarious autobiography; plotting his early life from orphan child in unhappy adopted home to membership of one of the most ill-disciplined and disreputable units in the British armed forces. 
As the story unfolds we follow his unsteady progress; from one-sided battles with school bullies in suburban England, to even-more one-sided battles with the S.A.S. in some of the world's most dangerous and exotic places, and from embarrassing skirmishes with teenage Lolitas to carnal catastrophe and more sophisticated sexual predators. 
Set against backgrounds as diverse as occupied Europe, the jungles of South-East Asia, the hedonistic excess of swinging-sixties Bangkok and Singapore, and the desolate wilderness of the Northern Sahara Desert, Flying with Cuckoos is a touching story of hope and achievement, and the remarkable journal of a young man's struggle to survive and overcome. 


"A genuinely touching story with real laugh out loud moments!!" - Amazon Reviewer 

"This is a coming of age story that many people can empathize with" - Amazon Reviewer 

"It is a wonderful story of finding yourself, finding your strength and finding what lies beyond." - Amazon Reviewer 

"a compelling tale of triumph over adversity" - Amazon Reviewer 

"An excellent book. Captivating, real, tragic and funny." - Amazon Reviewer 

Contains adult subject and strong language

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