Genetics For Dummies

Genetics For Dummies

Tara Rodden Robinson

Language: English

Pages: 385

ISBN: 0470551747

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Reveals the connections between genetics and specific diseases
Understand the science and the ethics behind genetics
Want to know more about genetics? This non-intimidating guide gets you up to speed on all the fundamentals. From dominant and recessive inherited traits to the DNA double-helix, you get clear explanations in easy-to-understand terms. Plus, you'll see how people are applying genetic science to fight disease, develop new products, solve crimes . . . and even clone cats.
Discover: * What geneticists do * How traits are passed on * How genetic counseling works * The basics of cloning * The role of DNA in forensics * The scoop on the Human Genome Project

Who's in Charge?: Free Will and the Science of the Brain

ReCombinatorics: The Algorithmics of Ancestral Recombination Graphs and Explicit Phylogenetic Networks

Song for the Blue Ocean: Encounters Along the World's Coasts and Beneath the Seas

Synthetic Messenger RNA and Cell Metabolism Modulation: Methods and Protocols

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