Germany Calling: A Biography of William Joyce, "Lord Haw-Haw"

Germany Calling: A Biography of William Joyce, "Lord Haw-Haw"

Mary Kenny

Language: English

Pages: 308

ISBN: 2:00348597

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Mary Kenny’s stunning biography of the notorious Lord Haw-Haw is the most intimate, revealing and dramatic account yet of one of the twentieth century’s most infamous lives.

William Joyce – aka ‘Lord Haw-Haw’ – was the notorious propaganda voice for Adolf Hitler, and the last man to be hanged for treason by the British Crown. But how did this ‘crazy mixed-up Irishman’ scale the heights of Mosley’s infamous Party? How did he infiltrate the very heart of the Third Reich to become one of World War II’s most enduring legends?

Dramatic, groundbreaking and compassionate, Germany Calling explores the lost roots and darkest motivations of one of the most reviled figures of the modern age.

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