King of Souls: Echoes Across Time, Book 2

King of Souls: Echoes Across Time, Book 2

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A new king reigns atop the Meranthian throne.

King Ronan Latimer finds victory comes with a cost. With magic's full restoration, barriers that have kept Meranthia safe for two millennia collapse leaving its borders exposed.

A powerful necromancer, Tara, leads a long lost race across the sea to Meranthia's shores. Shores that she last saw 2000 years in the past.

Ronan pushes his magical limits to the brink against a foe intent on creating an undead army and claiming Meranthia's crown for her own. During his epic journey, Ronan unlocks secrets of Meranthia's hidden past. Secrets of the human soul. Secrets that change his life forever.

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