The Berenstain Bears' Mad, Mad, Mad Toy Craze

The Berenstain Bears' Mad, Mad, Mad Toy Craze

Stan Berenstain, Jan Berenstain

Language: English

Pages: 32

ISBN: 0679889582

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The peace and calm of life in Bear Country is disrupted by the arrival of Bearie Bubbies. The cubs will do anything to get their hands on these adorable, collectible little toys.  As the fad gathers momentum, the cubs--not to mention Mama and Papa--start to feel the strain as they resort to desperate measures trying to get their paws on as many Beary Bubbies they can. With their usual folk wisdom and keen insight, Stan and Jan have tackled a subject that's near and dear to today's kids and parents alike.

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