The Unknown Matisse: Man of the North: 1869-1908

The Unknown Matisse: Man of the North: 1869-1908

Hilary Spurling

Language: English

Pages: 702

ISBN: 2:00177884

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Hilary Spurling's THE UNKNOWN MATISSE is a truly wonderful biography. Her prose is muscular, rhythmical, carrying a lot of information, yet swift, enthralling. She has done for Matisse what George Painter famously did for Proust in the 1950s. Besides being a first-rate scholar, she is an artist in narrative who has unearthed a fascinating story and told it brilliantly. I rate this first volume with the first volume of Richard Holmes's COLERIDGE . Both books mark a climax in what has been called a golden age of modern biography which began with Richard Ellman's JAMES JOYCE. It is a terrific achievement." Michael Holroyd

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